Grappa Salò. The warm embrace

Grappa salò barricata, the warm embrace

Soft and enveloping with hints of dried fruit, honey and vanilla.

Grappa Salò is a blend of 3 grape varieties. An extra-aged grappa based on the delicacy of the chardonnay grapes and on the body donated by the teroldego, to which a part of Traminer is then added which makes it soft and slightly aromatic.
Produced by descaling the marc and rectification in copper boilers in a bain-marie. Before aging it rests for a few months in steel barrels, to reach the right balance. Maturation lasts about 24 months, in used French oak barrels (225 liters).

It is a particularly valuable product with a great aroma and flavor. Excellent finesse and complexity, it leaves an extremely pleasant aftertaste of honey in the mouth.

Dedicated to those who love soft grappa, it is never aggressive and accompanies you without ever imposing itself.


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