“Il Cavaliere” oil, much more than a Garda Dop.

Olio il Cavaliere, much more than a garda dop

In the summer of 2014, two old friends met after twenty years in Salò. One had embarked on a university and freelance career dealing with young people in difficulty. The other had traveled the world dealing with industrial systems in large companies. Both were united by two passions: volunteering and olive trees. They began to tell each other the personal stories of the last twenty years, the memories of the world of volunteering, the job difficulties of the moment, the prospects for the future, and they came to the same conclusion: We have to create something new for us, for young people, for the environment and for society.” Thinking about it, perhaps these two old friends had shot it big. Perhaps they had translated into words the desires of an entire life, but here too they have always had something in common: that pinch of madness and unconsciousness that makes men capable of doing things that are sometimes unthinkable. So they decided to open a small farm called Il Cavaliere, a name that refers to a nobility of soul typical of that world of volunteering where they both grew up.

The skills of both could be brought into play in this small company: young people in difficulty could be helped and a product could be created, Olio del Garda, the result of high technical competence and knowledge of the world of olive trees.
They began to weave the ranks of their own professional knowledge, joined in institutional collaborations with technological and humanistic universities, with the world of industry, information technology, law and horticultural knowledge.
The year of the first harvest arrived, the autumn of 2015. With two boys and a girl, the pioneers of the project, they collected 80 qt of olives producing 1200 liters of oil, obtaining an unexpected result both in quality and quantity. The fruits of their intense and meticulous work were beginning to take shape.

This led to the birth of the Garda D.O.P. of the Il Cavaliere farm, a product that immediately met with considerable success, both in Italy and abroad.

The seriousness with which the final product is built, the social project that apparently remains behind, but which in reality is the supporting soul, together with the high professionalism, of this new project has led the two friends to make this journey begun almost for fun a new life choice.

In this choice, humanity, professionalism, scientificity, environmental protection and above all social redemption coexist, to allow young people to be able to build a new future starting from nature, especially from the olive tree, a plant that symbolizes rebirth and peace.




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