The history of the “Spirit of Garda”

Spirit of Garda

When my father Adriano’s family moved from Cento di Ferrara to Brescia, one of the greatest passions was the “trip to Lake Garda”. During these rare Sunday trips the young Hadrian learned to appreciate what the lake’s Mediterranean climate provided and that is essentially, lemons or various citrus fruits, and olives. Once upon a time, olive oil did not have that reputation as such an extraordinary product that it has conquered in recent years and what impressed my father was citrus fruits. He loved the scent, the particular acidity and soon began to produce (then almost everyone did so) the liqueur at home. Adriano began to delight by experimenting with different solutions and mixing the infusions of the precious local fruits in various proportions. Thus was born the basic recipe of what would later become the Spirit of Garda. “My liqueur” as he called it has not been made since then but the recipe has come down to me unchanged. After many tests and attempts to adapt it to modern taste, I found what in my opinion is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, also enriching it with a very particular blue color that recalls the waters of our wonderful lake. So taste, in moderation, this wonderful citrus infusion, look at its color and relive the extraordinary and unique atmosphere of Lake Garda.

Spirit of Garda
The history of the "Spirit of Garda" 1
Spirit of Garda
Adriano Schiavini (1935-1997)



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