The raw materials of Spirito del Garda

The raw materials of spirit of garda

The raw materials of Spirito del Garda

Quality and Simplicity
 The raw materials used to make Spirito del Garda  are based on two fundamental aspects that make up the philosophy of this nectar, namely: Quality and Simplicity.
 The alcohol
 The alcohol used is of a very high alcohol content (96%) and produced with wheat without GMOs and of European origin. Obtained by continuous distillation in order to obtain pure ethyl alcohol of the highest quality in order to enhance the perfumes and aromas of botanicals and added extracts.
The quality of alcohol is crucial both for organoleptic issues and for reasons of tolerability of the same by the body. The final product obtained is then diluted with purified and demineralized water up to the alcohol content of 30% by volume.

Citrus fruits
 The exceptional Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda has allowed the cultivation  of citrus fruits until the eleventh century. In the classic greenhouses with windows (lemon houses) the precious fruits were protected from winter and cared for until the return of the sun which allowed them to ripen perfectly.
Spirito del Garda  was born in this way, infusing these magnificent fruits with quality alcohol. A little sugar and food coloring and here is a fragrant and colorful liqueur like the views of Lake Garda.

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