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The raw materials of Spirito del Garda

The raw materials of spirit of garda

The raw materials of Spirito del Garda

Quality and Simplicity
 The raw materials used to make Spirito del Garda  are based on two fundamental aspects that make up the philosophy of this nectar, namely: Quality and Simplicity.
 The alcohol
 The alcohol used is of a very high alcohol content (96%) and produced with wheat without GMOs and of European origin. Obtained by continuous distillation in order to obtain pure ethyl alcohol of the highest quality in order to enhance the perfumes and aromas of botanicals and added extracts.
The quality of alcohol is crucial both for organoleptic issues and for reasons of tolerability of the same by the body. The final product obtained is then diluted with purified and demineralized water up to the alcohol content of 30% by volume.

Citrus fruits
 The exceptional Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda has allowed the cultivation  of citrus fruits until the eleventh century. In the classic greenhouses with windows (lemon houses) the precious fruits were protected from winter and cared for until the return of the sun which allowed them to ripen perfectly.
Spirito del Garda  was born in this way, infusing these magnificent fruits with quality alcohol. A little sugar and food coloring and here is a fragrant and colorful liqueur like the views of Lake Garda.

Grappa Salò. The warm embrace

Grappa salò barricata, the warm embrace

Soft and enveloping with hints of dried fruit, honey and vanilla.

Grappa Salò is a blend of 3 grape varieties. An extra-aged grappa based on the delicacy of the chardonnay grapes and on the body donated by the teroldego, to which a part of Traminer is then added which makes it soft and slightly aromatic.
Produced by descaling the marc and rectification in copper boilers in a bain-marie. Before aging it rests for a few months in steel barrels, to reach the right balance. Maturation lasts about 24 months, in used French oak barrels (225 liters).

It is a particularly valuable product with a great aroma and flavor. Excellent finesse and complexity, it leaves an extremely pleasant aftertaste of honey in the mouth.

Dedicated to those who love soft grappa, it is never aggressive and accompanies you without ever imposing itself.


The history of the “Spirit of Garda”

Spirit of Garda

When my father Adriano’s family moved from Cento di Ferrara to Brescia, one of the greatest passions was the “trip to Lake Garda”. During these rare Sunday trips the young Hadrian learned to appreciate what the lake’s Mediterranean climate provided and that is essentially, lemons or various citrus fruits, and olives. Once upon a time, olive oil did not have that reputation as such an extraordinary product that it has conquered in recent years and what impressed my father was citrus fruits. He loved the scent, the particular acidity and soon began to produce (then almost everyone did so) the liqueur at home. Adriano began to delight by experimenting with different solutions and mixing the infusions of the precious local fruits in various proportions. Thus was born the basic recipe of what would later become the Spirit of Garda. “My liqueur” as he called it has not been made since then but the recipe has come down to me unchanged. After many tests and attempts to adapt it to modern taste, I found what in my opinion is the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, also enriching it with a very particular blue color that recalls the waters of our wonderful lake. So taste, in moderation, this wonderful citrus infusion, look at its color and relive the extraordinary and unique atmosphere of Lake Garda.

Spirit of Garda
The history of the "Spirit of Garda" 1
Spirit of Garda
Adriano Schiavini (1935-1997)



Recipes with the creams of Spirito del Garda

Spirit of Garda

From the “STRABAR” event broadcast on Teletutto (local television in the province of Brescia), we decided to publish the recipes made by the barmen with the coffee and Spirito del Garda products. They are truly innovative ideas that we propose. Anyone who wants can comment and / or propose others ..

Irene Lorenzi recipe:


for a portion:

– 2cl almond liqueur

– 2.3 / 3.5 cl equivalent of an espresso

– 5/6 cl cream of milk

– 1 / 1.5 cl chestnut honey

Federico Bertuzzi Recipe:


– 1 espresso coffee

– 3 cl “Spirito del Garda” with Hazelnut

– 20 cl hot milk flavored with matcha and ginger

– Garnish: orange peel

Debora Bezzi recipe


– 1 Colombia espresso 100% Arabica

– 5cl Spirito del Garda hazelnut liqueur

– q.b. Whipped Cream

– 1 hot chocolate

Recipe Francesco Paonessa


– 1 espresso coffee,

– 1 cl of rum punch

– chocolate topping

– honey

– chopped hazelnuts

– milk cream

Cesare Bassani Recipe:


– 4.5 cl almond liqueur

– 4.5 cl Colombia coffee extracted in mocha with dark rum (1cl of rum for every 5cl of mocha) hot (heated in kettle)

– 2.5 cl of Colombia espresso coffee

– Stratified whipped cream with the shaker

– Colombia coffee balls extracted in spherical mocha

Manuel Marini Recipe:


– 9 cl of coffee

– 4 cl almond liqueur (Spirito del Garda)
– 3 cl fresh cream
– cinnamon powder
– crumbled almonds

Ricetta Ilaria Loddo:


– 4 espresso

– 40 ml of liqueur almonds

– 40 ml of liqueur licorice

All served in the glasses and then mixed garnished with

– whipped Cream,

– licorice powder

– marshmellow

Boris Andreoletti Recipe:


– 2.5 cl espresso
– 1.5 cl chocolate (Spirito del Garda)
– 3 cl fresh cream

– light sprinkle of bitter cocoa



The new liqueurs for the summer

The new liqueurs for the summer

The new liqueurs for the summer

And here are the new liqueurs for the summer.
After the success of local liqueurs and grappas such as Spirito del Garda and Grappa Salò, we have decided to expand our catalog of liqueurs made with local products. In particular, we decided to pay homage to “the other side of Lake Garda”, that is, the more mountainous side. We have gone from more “Mediterranean” products such as citrus liqueurs to more typical products of the mountains that surround our lake. Here then is the birth of two delicious interpretations of the territory: the “LIQUEUR WITH WILD BERRIES” and the “BLUEBERRY LIQUEUR” “.
These are products, as always, of high quality and made with the utmost care. The alcohol component, for example, is given by a percentage of pure ethyl alcohol, but it is above all the use of Grappa that makes the difference. This allowed to give further aroma and complexity to the product and to remove that sensation of “bitterness” that is typical of products based on alcohol only.
While the predominant aromas in the wild berries liqueur are wild strawberries and raspberries, in the blueberry liqueur the explosion of taste is directly attributable to this magnificent fruit. The berries liqueur is sweeter and the flavor of the blueberry is slightly drier.
Recommended uses certainly as after lunch or dinner, perhaps frozen, or as a pleasant company after dinner.
The proposal for both is bottles with 500ml and 700ml cuts. 
In any case, come and visit us in the shop for a taste.
See you soon with other news

Cocktails with Spirito del Garda

cocktails with spirito del garda e cedrata tassoni

Come on. Make cocktails with Spirito del Garda. One of the most interesting uses of the “Spirit” is certainly the making of cocktails. Its enveloping scent combined with the fantastic blue color allows the creation of colorful and fragrant drinks. We have made some quite simple ones, but nothing stands in the way of experimentation. The basic idea is to allow the creation of colorful and tasty drinks using the splendid blue color of the liqueur. The color, born with the aim of recalling the waters of Lake Garda, is in fact the distinctive feature of this particular product.

We suggest you visit the cocktail recipe page and download our menu for free. You will be surprised ..