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New Blown Glass Products

Spirit of Garda
With the recovery after the emergency we decided to focus on enriching our offer of gift items especially with a view to completing the range relating to events such as weddings, baptisms, etc. The basic idea is to be able to satisfy the need to offer a complete range of gift items that can satisfy even the request for a “more important” gift, perhaps for friends or wedding witnesses. With this in mind, we have focused on one of the most representative manufacturing techniques of the areas of Venice and Veneto in general, namely glass blowing. We have chosen the products of MASSIMO LUNARDON and VERGANI GIOVAN LUIGI, two glassblowing artists with different but equally exceptional styles. If in fact Vergani makes perfumers, vases and plates coloring them with light and harmonious glass inserts, Lunardon instead creates opulent and colorful products as in the most typical of traditions. The proposed products are able to show, in our opinion, a good vision of what can be achieved with mastery in the world of gift items using glass. So here are the carafes with fish figures inside, the hand-made decanters and glasses capable of astonishing and arousing wonder. Stuff to see, to touch… to experience.
Spirit of Garda
Vergani Palloncino