New spirits for summer 2020

Of course, 2019 was a year full of emotions and initiatives that brought our products around Italy.

After the success of local liqueurs and grappas such as the Spirito del Garda and Grappa Salò, we have decided to expand our catalog of liqueurs made with local products. In particular, we decided to pay homage to "the other side of Lake Garda", namely the more mountainous side. We have gone from more "Mediterranean" products such as citrus liqueurs to more typical products of the mountains surrounding our lake. Here is the birth of two delicious interpretations of the territory: the "LIQUOR WITH WILD BERRIES" and the "LIQUOR WITH BLUEBERRY ".

These are products, as always, of high quality and made with the utmost care. The alcohol component, for example, is given by a share of pure ethyl alcohol, but it is above all the use of Grappa that makes the difference. This allowed to give further aroma and complexity to the product and to remove that "bitter" sensation that is typical of alcohol-based products.

If in the Forest Fruit Liqueur the predominant aromas are wild strawberry and raspberry, in the Blueberry liqueur the explosion of taste is directly attributable to this magnificent fruit. The berry liqueur is sweeter and the flavor of the Blueberry one is slightly drier.

Recommended use: certainly as after lunch or dinner, better frozen, or as a pleasant company after dinner.

The proposal for both is of bottles with 500ml and 700ml cuts. And very soon they will also be available on our online store.

In any case, come and visit us in the shop for a taste.


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