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Elegant gift box of “Oleum Vatis” extra virgin olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil produced directly from the olive trees of Gabriele d’Annunzio’s Vittoriale. A dark glass bottle with the poet’s profile on the label, this oil is produced thanks to the recovery of 500 plants, many of which are secular, grown within the monmental complex of Gardone Riviera, within the park of the villa that d’Annunzio chose his last home.

After years of neglect, the Casaliva olive trees have been recovered thanks to the work of the Il Cavaliere company which employs young people who are unemployed or in difficult situations. A meticulous production of only 1,600 numbered bottles of 250 ML, a light fruity oil produced in the area of ​​Lake Garda only and exclusively with Casaliva olives, the variety of typical native olives of Lake Garda.

Casaliva is a leathery and elegant variety, with a late ripening and a progressive and characteristic veraison. The result of the passion for this plant is a light and fragrant oil. A peculiarity of Garda oil lies in the culture of these olive trees, which are located at the northernmost latitude in the world. This particular situation is due to the microclimate present on Lake Garda, and this characteristic makes this oil unique and unmistakable, given that despite being a delicate oil (light fruity) it lends itself to many culinary solutions and offers a persistent and satisfying taste. .

Tasting Notes

Oleoum Vatis extra virgin olive oil is a light and fragrant oil, a harmonious fruitiness with bitter and spicy notes. The nose is characterized by a scent of ripe almond. The taste is herbaceous, a typical characteristic of the Casaliva variety. Bitter and spicy present and delicate.

Perfect when paired with risotto, fish and vegetables
Recommendations for use
To season cold and hot dishes with a light structure raw. For short cooking at high temperatures.
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