Terms of payment

The Customer can pay the price of the Products and the related delivery costs by PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery.

  • PayPal

Once the order is confirmed, the Customer will be redirected to the PayPal site where he can make payment with his account or using a card, even prepaid, or in any case according to the methods accepted by Paypal and in compliance with the relevant conditions.

  • Bank transfer

The Customer must make the transfer within 3 days of the order date for orders relating to products; on the other hand, payment by bank transfer is not envisaged for orders containing events and / or courses. If payment does not occur within 3 days, the order will be canceled and the goods made available again for purchase by other customers. The Customer who has not made the transfer may be contacted by the Customer Service in order to clarify whether the cause of the non-credit is due to the Customer’s will not to confirm the purchase or to other causes.

Data for the transfer: LEMURIA S.r.l.
IBAN: IT91L0538755182000042785340
Reason: the Customer must indicate the date and order number in the reason for the transfer, which can be found in the confirmation email (eg “Order 01/01/18 no. XXXXXX”) ..

  • Cash on delivery

This payment method is available only for shipments made in Italy and only for orders not exceeding € 450.00. Payment will be made upon receipt of the Products and can only be made in cash. For cash on delivery shipments, the customer is required to pay a shipping fee.

  • Satispay

This is a new all-Italian payment system via an App on your smartphone. Just download the app, register and you can pay by phone completely free and secure.